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Parish Committees

Committee Structures

Pastoral Council

  • Organized according to the New Wine, New Wineskins format provided by the Diocese, the Pastoral Council is a consultative structure to the Pastor in dealing with the seven elements of the Parish Structure, namely: Evangelization, Worship, Word, Community, Service, Stewardship and Leadership. They help formulate the Pastoral Plan each year and direct discussion according to each Goal and objective of the Pastoral Plan.

Finance Council

  • The Finance Council is a consultative body of parish members who review the finances of the parish on an ongoing basis. They discuss and approve major expenditures of the parish and help formulate plans for needed parish renovations, upkeep and expansions. They review the annual parish budget and grant approval to large parish projects.

Stewardship Committee

  • The Stewardship Committee is a committee of the Finance Council and has its responsibility proposing ways in which the parish family works toward stewardship of TIME, TALENT and TREASURE for the parish. Our overall goal is to summon the parish to work toward becomming a Tithing Parish. It is their responsibility to suggest increased Stewardship when needed and to move the parish toward an understanding of stewardship of the Church as Catholic and not simply parochial. The members participate in stewardship conferences presented by the Diocese.

Liturgy Committee

  • This committee helps in the planning of the Liturgical Activities of the parish family according to the Liturgical Calendar. Keeping the Faith Vision of the parish in mind, the committee helps plan activities which help the parish family celebrate in an "inter-generational" manner the Faith events celebrated in the calendar. "What we say, we pray -- What we pray, we do." is the overall guideline of the Liturgical Planning of the committee.

Regional Council

  • This council functions as part of Region #17 which is comprised of the Parishes of the Uniontown area and St. Joan of Arc in Farmington. The purpose of the Regional Council is to give direction to the Region, plan activities and functions which benefit the Region as a whole. Through communication and direction the Regional Council seeks to eliminate duplication of efforts and to expand programs and activities to accommodate the needs of a parish who do not have their own programs.

    Regional Council Members must be part of the Parish Pastoral Council.
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